Fun with repetition - Story telling

Story telling has been an age old ritual. Nowadays it is being told that the kids have to be read books so that they become interested in reading. This was not the case with me as I like reading but my parents never read me lots of books. However they used to tell me stories. There used to be a new one everyday.

These stories had been passed on to them from their parents. They were not from any books but passed on from one generation to another in the form of everyday bed-time stories. Such stories you can never forget and remain with you forever.

Now I can pass on these stories to my kid. She prompts every time I start a story as she does not forget them but still wants to be told the same story again.

This topic of Blogadda has helped me bring back some of my fond childhood memories. The one story I used to enjoy the most....7 tailed mouse. Hope you enjoy reading it again.....

Once upon a time there was a mouse born with 7 tails.

When he started schooling the other mice started teasing him " Here comes the demon. Look at the seven tailed mouse " and laughed.

The mouse felt badly and started crying. Seeing him sad, his mother also felt bad. So she took him to a doctor to find a solution. So the doctor cut off one of his tail.

The next day at school again the mice teased him " Here comes the demon. Look at the six tailed mouse " and laughed. He felt bad again and went to the doctor. The doctor cut off one more tail this time.

Again at school the mice teased him " Here comes the demon. Look at the five tailed mouse " and laughed. This continued till one day, the mouse had only one tail left and he was relieved that he was normal now.

The mice still did not stop teasing. They wanted to have more fun. Now they teased " Here comes the demon. Look he has just 1 tail left" and laughed. He started crying and went back home to his mother. She again took him to the doctor who cut off his remaining tail!

Now thinking that the mice won't make fun of him, as he has no tail left, he went to school. But again they teased " Here comes the demon. Look at the no-tailed mouse"

Poor mouse had to live with the teasing his whole life!

This story has a moral....'We should not change to please others'. It results in doing stupid work and makes our life more complex. The story is very depressing for the kids as when they listen they start feeling how the 7 tailed mouse feels. But the story has a very good moral. Hope such stories are passed on from generation to generation. They are not just entertainment but they teach how the world really works and help people how to behave.

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  1. Haha, that sing-song running gag from the story was continually stuck in my head when I was a kid! Unlike you, this wasn't my favourite story; but your post did bring back some crazy memories. A children's story is perfect for this prompt, there's always so much repetition!

  2. True Priya. Repetition in stories helps a child's vocabulary.....It has been very helpful for my kid :)

  3. My mom and my grandmom told me many many stories. I loved the story and the message it delivered.

  4. Lovely story. Ppl who talk and critisize will do it no matter how things are or how they change. Will pass this story on to my daughter when shr starts to understand them :)