When you say nothing at all

Your eyes used to light up whenever you saw me wanting me to hold you. The look in your eyes always made me hold you in my arms.
When you were happy you used to move your arms and legs. The silence when I used to sing to you made me feel good that you liked it.
The endless crying every other day made me feel sad. I knew you were colic but I could not help much.
I loved you my baby when you were six months old.

You started to smile whenever you saw me. The smile always brought me closer to you.
You touched things telling me you want it.
You responded to my questions with actions "How does a bird fly" "How does a fish swim"
You cried when you hurt yourself trying to walk.
I loved you my baby when you were 1 year old.

You always said it best when you could say nothing at all. All those sweet memories I still cherish. I still watch your videos and laugh at the little things you did.

Now you have become big and talk a lot. The endless questions you ask are my stress busters.
I still love you my little chatterbox :)

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