On a rainy day

Rimzim gire saawan.....a beautiful song you can sing on a rainy day sipping a hot cup of chai and a plateful of bhajiyas in hand. What a lovely day!
But this can happen only if it is a weekend. Wish it rained only on weekends!

I have 2 editions of rainy day. One is a weekday rain and one is a weekend rain. You already got a gist of the weekend one. So lets start with a weekday rain like everyone likes dessert at the end.

Weekday rain
"Oh noo aaj hi aana tha baarish ko!" You can hear my hubby saying this. In a busy Mumbai life rain slows down everything. It is difficult to get a rickshaw. Puddles and traffic everywhere. Driving in own car to office is best if avoided. Trains are late. To top it if you forget to carry your umbrella....worst day of your life!

For my kid it is both worst and best day. Feeling sweaty inside the raincoat and holding a heavy bag it is an adventure reaching school. Next is to attend classes half soaked trying to get the clothes dry all the time. But while coming back it is the best day....jumping in puddles and not caring about the uniform.

I do not want to miss the college group...well no doubt for them it is the best day. If he/she reaches late for a class, there is a natural excuse. Then at a stall next to the college gossip with friends sipping hot chai. A date on this day is like a topping on the dessert. A football day on a muddy ground is famous among sport lovers.

The elders staying at home enjoy the cool day. For them it is just another day of their life but a bit cooler. But for them too the day can turn worse if they have dish antenna. They cannot watch television as the signal stops.

Weekend rain
Its the day when all want to sip the hot cup of chai beside the window. Its family time. All in the house get together and gossip which rarely happens. Games like Antakshari, Cards, Scrabble and lot of other board games are played.

For some it is a movie day or shopping day. Malls are flooded on such a day. Shops tend to promote end of season sales during this time. Not sure the end is of which season but it is anyways good to get a discount.

For toddlers it is a fun day with carrying their own umbrellas and go out in the rains. Some get to wear their favorite raincoats. Jumping in puddles is their favorite activity. Some go out without umbrellas or raincoats to get drenched....bliss!

Not to miss the experience of the newborns....shocked to see the continuous water flow from some unknown source! With eyes wide open they try to guess what is happening. But they are also the ones to get relief from the heat.

With all the excitements going on, on a rainy day, people should take care of themselves to keep away from the illness spreading on such days. Some of the common illness are cold, cough, flu, dengue, cholera and other water and food infections.

So have fun and take care ON A RAINY DAY!

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