Types of Facebook users

I have been using Facebook since 3 years now. As it says it is one of the worlds largest online community. With technology growing so fast you can access it from your mobile phone as well. It is the most updated on news, views gossip and more.

I have seen many different types of users in these past 3 years. Check out which category you belong to. I myself belong to 5.

1) Stalker : Who checks out posts of all other users and never posts anything himself.

2) Hyena: Who just LMAOs and LOLs to others' posts

3) Gamer: Who has created a profile just to play on FB

4) Mr/Ms Popular: Who has 9999 friends for no reason.

5) Liker: Who just keeps liking others posts.

6) Reporter: Who keeps posting latest news

7) Proof reader: Who keeps correcting others comments

8) Photographer: Who keeps posting photos and expects comments on them.

9) Thief: Who keeps sharing others posts and never posts a genuine one.

10) Critic: Expresses a unfavorable opinion about everything

11)  Softy: Who keeps posting about sensitive and caring thoughts

12) Drama Queen/King: Who has the OMG reaction for every post.

13) Short- cutter: Who always uses short cut words for comments and posts. B4N, R U THERE?

Start using Facebook and get acquainted with all types of users. Its FREE!!!

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