Swanky Blankie

For kids sometimes some things are more comforting than a mothers hug. Most of the times it is a blankie. It is not always the most expensive object but it is the most precious object for a child.

For my kid my cotton dupatta was her blankie. It was the softest cloth I ever had and she had identified comfort in it very sensibly. When we were travelling to USA, at the airport she had become very cranky. She was not ready to sleep and had also thrown up. The flight officials also advised us to consult with the doctor there. She was colic and that behavior was normal for a colic child also considering she was only 1 then. Nothing was comforting her. Dont know what made me put my old soft dupatta around her that time, the next moment she was asleep. She had used the dupatta at home before but we had not realized that she had made it her 'blankie'. The dupatta had then meant more than our hugs to her.

When a child is just born it only understands the mother child bond. It is not yet introduced to the world and its objects. As and when the mother starts introducing things to her child and extends the separation time, the child starts transitioning the bond to other objects.

During the growing phase there are moments of fear like darkness when alone in a crib or cradle. It is this time when their comfort object is always with them and they become more and more attached to it. The object provides a sense of security for the child and help them become more independent. Then they tend to ask for it during nap time and bed time. Do not separate the kid from his 'blankie' during these times.

The blankie time usually starts at the age of 2 and continues till 5. This is very normal but it starts getting abnormal if the child is only with the 'blankie' all the time and does not play with other toys at all. This means there is a stressful situation at home or for the kid. Try to find out the cause or check with a pediatrician.

To avoid the 'blankie' thing by reaching an abnormal stage, try doing these:

1) Limit playing with the blankie only during sleep time. While going out, let the blankie stay at home with a reason that it should not get dirty or lost. Keep it safe inside the house.

2) Schedule washing time for the blankie. During certain days of the week, wash the blankie with the help of your kid and let it dry the whole day.

3) Keep the child busy with lots of activities so that he tries to forget his blankie.

4) Spend more time with the child and give him lots of hugs and assure him that blankie is not the only source of comfort.

Don't let the 'blankie' become embarrassing for the child. But also keep in mind that it is the blankie who  has taught your child the meaning of trust and independence.

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