Kitty and the candies

My kid loves to listen to stories. Sometimes she tells us her favorite characters and wants a story about them.  This time it was her favorite Kitty as she loves Hello Kitty and I had to make a story about her. Here is my Kitty story that my kid loved loved to listen to.

One day Kitty went to the store to get some candies. She asked the storekeeper for some pink colored candies. The storekeeper looked for pink candies here and there and everywhere in the store. But he did not find any.

He did not want to disappoint the little cute Kitty. So he took her to the candy factory to get some pink colored candies.

Kitty went to the candy factory and saw how candies were made. There they put some yummy sweet sugar in water and melted it to make syrup. Then it was cooled down and they added Kittys favorite pink color to it. They made lots of pink candies for Kitty.

Kitty bought some candies for her friends too. She went back and shared her candies and the story of the trip to the candy factory. All loved to listen to her and eat the yummy candies.

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