I tried my Moms recipe! : Mango Jam

I was never interested in cooking. But when my kid likes something, I have to make it.
My kid looooves Shrikhand and wants it with chapati everyday. Now  to make shrikhand at home doesn't seem possible considering my cooking abilities :)
My mom offered my kid her homemade jam when we were at her place and she like it a lot. Now this could be a substitute for the shrikhand she demands everyday! I had to get the recipe from mom and make it.
You can use the same method with Avla as well when they are in season. It has great medicinal values as well. Of course mango jam will also be a seasonal recipe.

Totapuri Mango cut in small pieces
Dry Red Mirchi

I used the ratio 1 mango bowl (mountain filled) to 1 sugar bowl (flat filled). Melt the sugar in little water. As soon as it is melted, add the cut mango and keep stirring on medium flame for 10-15 mins. Add a little salt. The mango becomes transparent and the consistency of the mixture becomes thick. Turn off the flame. Make tadka with very little oil, jeera, methi and 1 dry red chilli. Add it to the jam. Store it in the fridge.

So simple isn't it!

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