Vacation activities for kids

As the vacations are soon approaching, parents start to worry about how to keep their child busy. Else the child becomes frustrated. Here are some ways to keep your child busy during vacations:

1) Enroll in hobby workshops: Lot of local people start organizing workshops for activities like painting, greeting card making, crafts, clay modelling and other such activities. Enroll your child to such workshops as per his/her interests.

2) Exercising: Engage kids in morning and evening exercises like running, cycling, swimming etc.

3) Sanskar classes: Kids are taught shlokas and encouraged for story telling and presentations.

4) Involve them in household chores like cooking, cleaning, running errands with you.

5) Join a library. This will help the child enhance his/her reading skills.

6) Organize a family trip. Encourage photograhy during this time. After vacation the kid will spend time arranging, uploading the photos.

7) Print activity worksheets available online as per the age-group and set a target for completion.

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