The Squirrel

One cold and frosty winter, a squirrel started to shiver. It could not bear the cold. It saw a small hut close by and started looking for a way to get inside. While doing this it was making some noise. An old man inside the hut heard this and opened the door to find the shivering squirrel. The old man was very kind hearted. He put forward his hand to get the squirrel and took it inside.

It was very warm inside and soon the squirrel was fast asleep. When it woke up, the old man offered it some soup. He fed the squirrel and it gained back its strength. As it started to move around the house, it noticed some holes in the roof of the hut.

Next morning, the old man could not find the squirrel any where inside the house. He thought that it went back to the forest. Then he got busy with his daily work. When he went for a nap after lunch, he noticed the holes in the roof filled. The squirrel had collected all the material on the roof and filled the holes. The old man was very thankful to the squirrel and offered it some milk.
They both lived together in the same hut. 

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