Taking care of Jewelry

It is said that Gold is political, Platinum industrial and Diamonds are forever. But jewelry of any material is a girls best friend. Well, precious materials are of course precious. These need to be taken care of and passed on to next generations. Fashion jewelry wont last forever but can be made to last at least for a long duration with proper care. Here are some tips on how to:

Gold Jewelry:

1) Dip it in warm soapy water and clean
2) Use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dirt from corners
3) Rinse it in warm water
4) Pat it dry with a soft cloth
5) Store it in a box

Be very careful with gold jewelry embedded with precious stones. Do not use paper to clean gold as it may leave scratches.

Diamond Jewelry: 
These are the hardest stones and not susceptible to damage. But they should be treated delicately as they are embedded in metals.
1) Wash only with warm water
2) Do not use soap or detergent
3) Do not wash directly in sink as if the come out they will drop in the drain.
4) Dry them completely before storing them in a box.

Platinum Jewelry:
1) Wash with mild soap and warm water
2) Do not allow any kind of dirt to accumulate on it. It can cause a reaction with the metal
3) Use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dirt from corners
4) Rinse in warm water
5) Pat it dry with soft cloth completely before storing in a padded box.

Silver Jewelry:
These need repeated cleaning and care as it reacts quickly to moisture.
1) Wash with plain water immediately after use
2) Pat it dry with a soft cloth completely before storing it in air tight boxes
3) Wear it last i.e. after all the makeup is done so that no chemicals are applied to it.
4) Remove while swimming or taking a shower
5) For tarnished silver use mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush.
6) Silver dips are available for cleaning but do not use them too often.
7) Use non abrasive cloth to rub and remove tarnish.

Pearl jewelry:
1) Put them on after applying makeup and perfume
2) Wipe pearls with soft dry cloth
3) Keep pearls away from any kind of moisture
4) Store pearls in soft bags.

Fashion Jewelry:
1) Keep them away from any kind of moisture
2) Wipe with a soft dry cloth
3) Remove them before swimming or shower
4) Store them in jewelry boxes or plastic bags.

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