Speed post vs Courier

The other day I wanted to send a package within Mumbai (from the suburban area to Central). It was only for the reason that I did not have the time to travel all the way to that place. I first went to a courier company to check the price. The parcel was not more than 100 gms. They told me the charges would be Rs 100 which was too much for the almost weightless package. I walked away looking for more options.

I wanted to check the Speed Post option. Next day I went to the post office. Of course they did not have the envelopes to cover my package. I got it done in a stationary shop nearby and went back to the post office. They checked the weight of the package and charged only Rs 34!!! Way less than the courier company. They also gave me a tracking number to check online. Well that is convenient and cheap isn't it?

Pros of Speed Post: Cheap charges, Easy tracking
Cons of Speed Post: Long lines in Post offices, Delays in delivery.

Choose your option wisely!

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