Organizing closets


With limited space in the house, closet storage has also become limited. I recently managed to organize my closet and like to share the experiences as tips:

1) Get a hamper for used clothes that need to be washed. Do not put them inside the closet.
2) Set the party wears aside. Place them in a rack behind or above inside the closet. These need not be touched daily.
3) Keep clothes smaller in size like kerchiefs and ties in drawers as they become easy to find.
4) Start grouping items like shirts, pants, tops, inner wear, jewelry, everyday wear, towels. Place these in the closet as per grouping and as per usage.
5) Keep socks in drawers in shoe racks. This will save space inside closets.
6) Put only ironed clothes on hangers.
7) Get hangers of same size and type. This will make the closet look good.
8) Get jewelry and accessories organizer or make one from recycled material at home.

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