Organizing a blog

Whenever I hear the word 'Organize', I always recollect the character Monica Geller. I loved watching the TV show 'Friends' and it characters. I can still watch all the seasons again.  Monica is shown as the organizing freak in her apartment. For that she had to be obsessive about the apartment. Guess for organizing a blog too a person has to be first obsessive about it.

I had started blogging a month back and till date I have rearranged it 4-5 times. I currently like the look of it. Not sure, if I visit many more blogs, I might think of rearranging the contents again.

I started with a few topics which I kept adding on the Home page one below the other. Soon it started looking too cluttered. So I grouped them.

Luckily I had written articles which I could group. I created a table  which had columns grouping the articles. Also added pages/tabs which separately showed each group. Now this started to look bland. Well no one likes to even check out articles if they do not look appealing. Then I thought of adding images to every group. My pages too did not have any images. Everywhere I tried to add a image or two to bring consistency between all the pages.

From my experience till now I find the following tips important to consider to organize a blog:

1) Grouping:  Keep drafting your posts as they come into your mind. Once you have them ready, group them  and provide a heading for each. Then you can decide to show it in a frame on home page or create a new tab/ page for the group.

2) Reduce clutter: Keep your home page as readable as possible. If you have too many links move it to a side of the page. Show small contents for each article and provide the link to the page for further display of the entire content.

3) Add images: This will help reader relate with the contents. People try to understand more from one look of the image rather than reading the entire content. It also makes the page more appealing.

4) Proofread: After drafting all the articles spend some time proofreading them at a later time. You can check for grammer and spellings and also remove irrelevant content.

5) Use proper fonts and colors: While creating the layout of your blog you choose the background. Keeping the color of it in mind change color of the text wherever necessary like for headings and subheadings. Avoid pale colors and use bright.

6) Test: Whenever you update your blog make sure you test it. This will ensure you are presenting the right data to the readers.

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