Buy and Sell Used Items in India

With online shopping getting popular in India, buying and selling of used items is also rising. There are many online sites available now for used items ads.
There are many common goods which are used for a short period and lie useless around the house later. These are difficult to be disposed off as you have paid a huge amount to buy it.
Also there are people who would not prefer to pay huge amounts for such goods.

Here are a few sites which have become popular for used items buying and selling:

1) Ebay: This is a very popular online shopping site. To sell an item on ebay you need to be a registered member and become a seller. Check for the appropriate category for your item and start selling. You will need to pay ebay fees for selling an item on the site. You can also buy an item by checking the sellers reviews and paying online.

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2) Craigslist: This site is slowly getting popular in India. This site is available for specific cities within India now. You just need to create an account on Craigslist and place your ad to sell items on it. It is totally free. You will start receiving mails on the email ID you specify from people interested in buying. Here you cannot review the seller like in ebay.

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3) OLX: This site is getting the most popular due to its commercial ads on the TV. There are a variety of things that can be bought on OLX. To sell an item you need to create an account which is absolutely free. If you need to place your item in the first place of search you need to pay fees for it.

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4) Quikr: This is another site that is being promoted through TV ads. You can post free ads on this site. Shipping however will be your responsibility. There are premium plans to sell items on the site for which there are charges.

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5) Juna Bazaar: This is another free online service. You just need to register and post your ad for free. However there are upgrade options which help you get more buyers.

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6) All India Bazaar: This is another site for posting free ads. Here the buyer has to pay a fee to check the sellers details who are individuals. Companies wanting to sell items have to pay charges. Contact details of companies are displayed free for the buyers.

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