Grocery shopping: There are many national grocery chains in USA. Safeway, Meijers, Giant, Walmart are a few of them. Additionally there are a many ethnic grocery sores located across the country where such populations live. Such stores are small but expensive as the items are not available easily in the area. People tend to do basic grocery shopping in regular stores and get the specialty items from the smaller stores. If you need to get vegetables from the Indian stores, check with the store.
The Sunday papers usually have the store sale items and discount coupons for items at the grocery store. People buy the Sunday paper just to get the coupons. Also some stores have price matching policy. You can take store flyers from the newspaper for price matching.
Manufacturers coupons for various items are also available online. Look for printable coupons from redplum, smartsource or on Coupon shopping is a big topic of discussion. I will add a new topic for this.

There are wholesale stores like Costco, Sams Club and BJs. These stores sell items in larger quantity. These store require membership. The membership is around $50 a year.

Other shopping: Premium outlets, stores at the malls and discounted stores are the places you will be shopping in the US. All name brand items will be available in the premium outlets and will be expensive.
Sears and JCPenney have good clothing and can be considered for everyday wear. H&M, Aeropostale, Forever21 are some of the stores popular with the younger generation. All stores have printable coupons available online and can be presented to the cashier during checkout. These coupons can also be available on your mobile with the data plans and can be looked for when you are shopping at the mall! The cashier will scan the bar code from your mobile.

Sears rewards card is a very good option to save money. Every time you buy from Sears points will be added to this card. Also occasionally Sears keeps adding a few dollars to the card for promotions. There are coupons available every now and then. Lot of items are put on clearance after the end of each season. If you combine all these, you can get a huge discount on your purchase. Sears has a outlet store where every Tuesday they give away a clothing for free if you are a member. Also the items there are not expensive.

Old Navy has good casual or everyday wear. They have a app that can be downloaded on a smartfone to earn some store dollars. They too have clearance and sales.
CVS, Walgreens and Riteaid are the pharmacy stores. They also sell general merchandise. Every week they will have certain items on sale which they promote through their flyers. Each store will have a card that you can register for free. They have their own rewards schemes which you can check online. Like Walgreens has the Balance rewards program and CVS has the Extracare program. Coupon shoppers use these reward programs and the sale promotions to get several items for free. You can google or check on youtube for more on coupon shopping. This will be helpful in case you are there for a long term and have to stock up on items.

Yard sale/ Garage sale: These are informal sales held by private parties. They are held in homes or in schools. Items sold can be big like furniture or small like toys or kitchen items. In case people are moving to another location you can find a lot of quality items. There is nothing wrong in buying an item from these sales. Just check the item carefully before buying.
Yard sales are advertised in newspapers or in craigslist. You can also locate them from signs put up on the road.

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