Phonics Lesson 2

Letters with different sounds:

Vowels A  E  I  O  U usually make 2 different sounds.
Long sound: It is the same as its name
A : APE    SNAIL     TAPE     AID
E : EAT    EEL    SEAT
Short sound: This is when the vowel is in the middle of the word
A : AT    BAT
E  : EGG   END
I : IT   IN
U : UP    CUT

Other letters:
Y : Makes the sound Y, I and E like in YOU, EYE, CRY and SLOWLY

W: Makes the sounds W and O like in WHY, WATER and PILLOW

C: Makes the sound S and K
When C is followed by E, I and Y, it makes the sound S. CENT, CIRCLE, CYCLE
Otherwise C makes the sound K like in CAT, CAN

G: Makes the sound J and G
When G is followed by E, I and Y, it makes the sound J. GIANT, GENTLE
Otherwise it makes the G sound like in GOAL, GAIN

Note that "oo" makes two different sounds in different words, having the small sound as in HOOK, or the long sound as BOOT.

If this lesson is difficult for the kid to follow, try using the Sight words technique.

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