Disney Florida trip

If you are in states closer to Florida, driving to Florida is the best option. If you have to take a flight, check for Spirit and Southwest airlines deals first. Their flights might not be listed in kayak or cheapoair sites. Find out from the airline sites about their prices. Spirit and Southwest usually have some of the best deals. Sign up to their websites and they will send you their deals by mail.
Renting a car once you reach Florida is the best option for sightseeing. Priceline usually has the best deals. They might not include the insurance in their prices. If you are a member of Hertz/Avis, they have their own weekend/holiday packages or special offers. Parking charges apply for each park you visit. If you are not travelling with kids, check the shuttle options offered by the hotel you stay in.

Plan the parks you want to visit beforehand. You can signup to Seaworld and keep receiving offers before. Some parks have offers like buy 2 get child ticket free. You might get lucky if this offer is promoted when you are travelling. Some parks have promotional codes that you might find online and get discounts.

Collect the map for each park at the entrance.We had planned our rides in each park for our 3 year old. I have added the plan for each park in the links below. I have tried my best to tabelize it.

Animal Kingdom : This park does not include many fast rides also many do not have height restrictions. This is the best park for a baby and toddlers.
Magic Kingdom: The first time we had visited this place, we had skipped taking photographs with the Disney characters and had completed all rides for our 2 year old. The next year our kid was familiar with most of the characters and so we had reserved 1 day to meet and take pictures with all the Disney characters.
This park has 2 new areas starting in 2013/2014. The plan does not include the new rides. Im sure you can customize it as per your needs.
Universal Studios: This place has a few characters like Barney, Spongebob, Curious George with whom toddlers are familiar with. So we chose this park.
Sea World: The best place for shows and some rest from walking. Choose to go to this park when you need a break from rides.
Legoland: We visited this park when our kid had completed 3 yrs. This place has rides which a 3 yr old can ride alone.

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