Apps that can be used to make and save money in USA

Price comparision: The apps help you compare the price of an item and helps you decide where to buy it from. You need to consider the shipping incase you decide to buy it online.
1) RedLaser: Works on iPhone Android and Windows.
You can scan the barcode of the item or enter its name to compare its price online and in stores.
2) Works on iPhone and Android. It helps compare prices of gadgets online and in stores. Also it can check if a new model of the gadget is due soon. You can then decide if you want to buy the item or wait for the new model.
A few others are Google shopper, Price check by Amazon, Shop Savvy and Consumer reports mobile shopper.

Gas Price comparison: Gas Buddy

The Coupons App: To find local deals including freebies. Works for Android and iPhone. It  offers a coupon widget, gas price comparison, and the ability to save your coupon. To redeem coupons from the app, just show your phone to the cashier.

Savingstar: It is available for Android, iPhone and online. You need to link your loyalty card to your account, Select the ecoupons you need and load it to your card and get the cash savings. Once you accumulate $5 you can redeem it.

CheckPoints: You can scan barcodes of various products in store to earn points. Also you can Watch videos, take surveys, shop online, play games, search the web and complete offers to earn points. These can be redeemed for gadgets, gift cards, airline miles and other goodies

Viggle: Viggle pays users points to log in the TV shows that they watch. Those points can be used to redeem a large number of gift cards and prizes.

Plink: With Plink, you get paid to eat out. Just sign up an account, ad the places you eat, when you buy food you earn points you can redeem for gift cards

Some more apps are WeReward, Daily Feats, Snap Appy for Old Navy, Jingit.

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