Apartment maintenance

Magic Erasers are a easy solution to most of the cleaning to be done in the apartment. These are easily available in most of the stores. It has to be dipped in a little water and rubbed on the surface to be cleaned. The kitchen counter top, cooking range and even the walls can be cleaned with a magic eraser. Kids color the walls with their crayons. These marks can also be removed.

Tile or wooden floors can be cleaned with mops. Spray mops like Swiffer Wetjet, Rubbermaid etc are available to make the work easy.

Vacuum the carpets at least once a week. Get a good vacuum cleaner for carpets. They can range from $75-$100. This will be helpful especially if you have kids at home making a mess all the time. Stains on carpet can be removed with carpet stain removers. Do not buy carpet stain removers with bleach as they tend to remove the color of the carpet as well.
You can help with recycling if this option is available in your area. The apartment community will have recycling bins located in the area. You will have to make some effort of separating the recyclable items. Please help in this cause.

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