Animal Kindgom

Kilimanjaro Safari22Y4 
Pangani Forest trail25N4Walking
"Rafikis Planet watch/
Wildlife express train"6N2 
Conservation Station20   
Affection Section    
Habitat Habit    
Flights of Wonder30N4Bird Show
Maharajah Jungle Trek25N4Walking
Kali River Rapids5Y4Raft ride. Height 38inch >
Discovery Island    
Tree of life15N Structure just for fotos
Tough to be a bug8Y43D movie. Get in thru extreme left door for back rows or middle 2 doors for middle seats
Trail N? 
Dinoland USA    
"Tarzan rocks/Finding Nemo.
Theatre in the wild"30N4Musical show
Triceratop Spin2N2ride
Primeval Whirl2N3roller coaster 48 inch>
Cretaceous Trail15N2Walk
Dinosaur Y Ride...40 inch >
Dino Sue T rex2N2Outdoor exhibit Foto
Camp minnie mickey    
Pocahontas and her forest friends15 3Stage show outdoor
Festival of lion king30N5 
Character greeting trails  3 
Trail N This is near entry/exit. Finish this and exit the park

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